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Testobolin (Testosterone Enanthate) is classified as steroid of long action. This preparation represents a complex ether of testosterone that is produced by human organism being one of some chemical substances that compose testosterone. Testosterone’s role is to form and develop the male sexual characters.

If testosterone in the male organism is produced at the level under the norm or is totally not produced then the probability of coming to the norm of functional as well as psychic functions is high. Medicine is one of the domains for the use of Testosterone Enanthate. Particularly, women may use it when some treatment of mammary glands tumor is necessary and it is recommended to teenagers and children for growth normalization. Medicine is not the only domain of preparation use, it is widely known in sport medium, where it is used by those who desire to accumulate muscular mass. Of course, many people are sure that musculature and strength gain problem also may be solved by such preparations like Anapolon 50, Parabolin, Finaject. This is right, of course, but no one of the preparations that were mentioned above can be compared to testosterone that lets the sportsmen prominent results. Testosterone Enanthate is the steroid of European production; as for effect and chemical composition it is similar to Testosterone Cypionate that is popular at the territory of USA. Testosterone Enanthate action over the organism lasts for quite long period and depends on the hormonal system of the sportsman and the metabolism. On average it is 2-3 weeks and that’s why the intervals between injections may be quite long. Although the bodybuilders, weightlifting or triathlon sportsmen although the action period of Testosterone Enanthate prefer using it at least once in 7 day and even more often. Mostly it is explained by the short half-life period of Testosterone Enanthate that is only one week.

When compared to other testosterones, Testosterone Enanthate has one essential advantage that makes it irreplaceable for the majority of sportsmen – the strongest anabolic and androgenic action over the organism that lets receive essential gain of the muscular mass and strength in shortest period. This steroid received best reviews from many sportsmen. The reason for such a quick gain of musculature is trivial water accumulation in the organism which, to the delight of the athletes is followed also by strength gain. The present feature of Testosterone Enanthate is a real finding for the sportsmen who work in high weight category and heave. Besides Testosterone Enanthate only Sustanon may meet the requirements of the sportsmen that go in for bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting. In addition these people don’t limit themselves with minimal dosage of the preparation increasing the daily dosage up to 1000 or even 2000 mg because only these dosages may provide zeal, strength and aggressiveness that are necessary to win. That’s why the use of 2000-4000 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per week is not the excess of the usual frames but even sometimes shortage. Dosages of such volume are widely spread among the sportsmen that go in for power-lifting and also among the football players. Large amount of water that is accumulated in sportsman’s organism who uses Testosterone Enanthate, in this case is not his disadvantage but an advantage because it easies or totally eliminates the joint pain that is often observed at heavyweight sportsmen.

The reviews about steroids based on testosterone enanthate always tell about its excellent action. Although, of course, when too large amount of water is accumulated in the sportsman’s organism, it is impossible to observe this. Since the figure doesn’t look too natural and there appears a feeling that the sportsman is pumped with water or air which, in fact, is not too far from the truth. It seems that the sportsman is strong as he was although in practice this doesn’t always reflect the reality. This is especially seen not during the competitions but during the mid-seasons time when all the sportsmen think of increasing the muscular mass and use testosterones in huge amounts. That’s why Testosterone Enanthate use although gives quick result, but should be used wisely. Besides the accumulation of water in the organism, Testosterone Enanthate has one more disadvantage – high level of aromatization of the chemical substance and this leads to conversion to estrogens. And this is the reason of not only accumulation of hardly eliminated fat but also the case of gynecomastia or, in other words, feminization. Nevertheless, we need to be fair, it should be noted that the stated side effects are observed only at those sportsmen that are predisposed to them because there are many athletes whose weekly dose exceeds 1000 mg of the preparation and nothing similar is observed. There also exists another type of athletes who observe one or other cases of feminization even at minimum dose of Testosterone enanthate. In any case both those who resist the action of testosterone and those who is dependent on the dosage, shouldn’t neglect the weekly use of 500 mg of Proviron and Nolvadex that may neutralize the action of testosterone.

A big plus for Testosterone Enanthate is its effectiveness for majority of the sportsmen, independently on the period and dosages, i.e. both the beginner in steroid courses as well as professional sportsman will feel the results of Testosterone Enanthate action. Besides all these Testosterone Enanthate provides high regeneration of the tissues in the organism and also provides the sportsman with burst of strength and energy. This is the reason why during the use Testosterone Enanthate sportsmen easily resist long and exhausting trainings. A lot lays on the “pump effect” that is the consequence of Testosterone enanthate use, that provides oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. At the same time, this may be observed not only during the trainings but also simply climbing the ladder. Such impressing results motivate many beginners start steroid courses namely with testosterone, and Testosterone Enanthate is one of them. But it is not worth doing so because testosterone is not necessary for the sportsmen that are just getting acquainted with steroids. They may reach excellent results by using easier steroids which have, by the way, fewer side effects. And testosterone should be left till the time when the easy steroid preparations won’t give the desired effect. Athletes of advanced level may already be not satisfied with the use of only Testosterone Enanthate but combine it with other steroids which will lead to excellent results.

For example, those who want to increase the musculature may combine Testosterone Enanthate with Deca Durabolin or Anapolon. These preparations also have positive reviews. Not a bad option is the combination of 100 mg of Anapolon per day and weekly dose of 500 mg of Testosterone Enanthate combined with 200 mg of Deca Durabolin. However, this is not panacea because Testosterone Enanthate is excellently combined with majority of known steroids. If sportsmen suffer from water accumulation in the water that is caused by the use of Anapolon and Testosterone Enanthate or if they consider strength gain more important than musculature gain, then they should better use Testosterone Enanthate combined with Winstrol or Oxandrolon. As for the dosage of Testosterone Enanthate, the range is quiet wide – the same as it for other steroid preparations. Someone uses 250 mg per week and some considers 2000 mg per day insufficient. Most part of sportsmen, however, limit themselves with the weekly dose of 250-1000 mg of Testosterone Enanthate. If the dose is not more than 500 mg per week, then it is executed for only one injection; the large volume of steroids, as a rule, is divided to more injections. Every athlete defines the optimum dose by himself, focusing on the level of achievements, body mass and steroid preparations usage period. For example, it is not necessary to use more than 500 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per week for swimmers and show-bodybuilders.

As for the disadvantages of Testosterone Enanthate, we should note the high affect of the preparation over the arc “Hypothalamus – pituitary gland - testes”, where the consequence is the inhibition of own testosterone production. The sportsmen who use Testosterone Enanthate for a long time and going for large dosages of the preparation may confront decrease or total stop of seminal fluid formation. This may be avoided; you have to just start using preparation of HCG or its analogue once per every 6-8 weeks of Testosterone Enanthate use. Principally, there is nothing unusual in this case. Majority of the sportsmen that use testosterone regularly use such preparations as Nolvadex, Dineric, Clenbuterol or HCG because they allow increasing the level of the testosterone produced by the organism and also contribute to the maintaining the obtained results even when Testosterone Enanthate use was stopped. Not in vain is it said that Testosterone Enanthate may help everyone become strong and pumped but not everyone is able of keeping up the result. When you stop using the preparation and the excellent musculature starts melting on your eyes and that’s why those who started using steroids one day, may rarely stop this according to their own wish.

Side effects are also present here. First thing that should be noted here is the ability of Testosterone Enanthate to cause accumulation of large quantity of liquid in the organism and this is the reason why hypertension appears at many athletes. If the athlete has a predisposition to high tension or acquired this illness by using Testosterone Enanthate, then he should be under the evidence of a doctor and also use medicines - anti-hypertensive drugs that contribute to tension stabilization. Ance cases are not rare when Testosterone Enanthate is used, they appear on the face, back, chest and arms. It is interesting that this situation takes place not during the use of Testosterone Enanthate but when its use is stopped. If you are too concerned about acne and passes to chronic form, then a German preparation called “Roakkutan” is recommended. Feminization and particularly gynecomastia cases may often take place. In order to fight against them, antiestrogens should be used. The athletes who have just started using Testosterone Enanthate, sometimes say about often and strong erection, which is a normal case. As for the teenagers the use of Testosterone Enanthate may give acceleration to growth and bone tissue maturation that is followed by epiphyseal overgrowth. As a result the sportsman’s growth is simply stopped. That is the reason why specialists strictly prohibit starting with Testosterone Enanthate and using any steroid before the organism is formed completely.

It curious enough but Testosterone Enanthate practically has no destroying influence over the liver. The active chemical substance of the preparation is less toxic for the liver than oral steroids alkylated by 17-alpha. Sportsmen may find a lot of useful and interesting information on steroids and testosterones from D. Clasing and M. Donic in their book “Dopping”; particularly, it is their expression that the use of any steroids is liver’s doom for slow destroy. However, there is a contradictory expression that testosterones don’t cause liver dysfunction. Even if testosterones are used when liver damages present, they don’t aggravate its state. Besides the side effects that were stated above, the following ones should be also noted: hair loss, voice deepening.

As for female athletes, they should totally refrain from using of this preparation although the fact that it is sometimes used for treatment goals. Or at least limit themselves with the dosage of 250 mg of the preparation applying it not more often that once per 7-10 days. The fact is that Testosterone Enanthate may cause different effects that are conditioned by the influence of androgens over the female organism. Such effects are virilization case that is followed by such symptoms: clitoral hypertrophy, increased libido, acne, changes in voice and alopecia; by the way, the last pair of the symptoms has irreversible character. Although many female sportsmen don’t consider all these cases being the deciding factor that may motivate them stopping the use of testosterone and they go on using steroidal preparations in order to get the necessary gain of strength and musculature.

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