Doubtlessly squats with barbell on the shoulders is the best-known exercises to develop the entire body, to improve the health, increase the energy, improve the function of the inner organs and quickly grow the muscular mass.



For the development of the lower leg we have two main exercises: these are the rise on the toes standing and sitting. So, rise on the toes standing is accented for CALF MUSCLES (found outside). For such an exercise we need trainer. No press with barbell on shoulders or one dumbbell in the hand will interchange us the classic rise on the toes standing in the trainer.



Basic exercise number two for legs. Strictly speaking, basic exercises for quadriceps end with it. I will not describe hack squats, squats with barbell on the chest because they are significantly less effective then classic squats and leg press.


SP Turabolan

Active substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Unit: 100 tabs (10 mg/tab)

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Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Unit: 100 tabs (10 mg/tab)
Active substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
MASS (1-10): 1
CUTTING (1-10): 5
STRENGTH (1-10): 8


SP Turabolan

SP Laboratories, Moldova of Republic

Pack: 60 tablets

Turabolan is an oral steroid that was developed in early 60-s by Yenapharm company and came to the market of former GDR. Together with its clinical use the preparation was a doping mean in GDR. In order to eliminate all uncertainties we should explain the followings: Turanabol is produced as before by Yenapharm and may be bought with no problem. This steroid has mostly anabolic action over the organism, this action is crossed with relatively small androgenic one. For 100% scale this action is 6%, the anabolic is 53% (for comparison: Danabol action – 45% androgenic and nearly 90% anabolic). Turanabol has some weaker action than Danabol. Consequently, this is not the steroid for lightning strength, weight and muscular mass accumulation. The sooner results are in considerable muscular mass and strength growth if the preparation is used for some weeks. The athlete won’t have puffy look as it is while Testosterone, Danabol or Anapolon 50 use. It is clearly found that preparation effectiveness is highly dependent on the dosage.

Turanabol cycle
The experience shows that the bodybuilders use 40-50 mg daily. And many of them excitedly tell about good Turanabol results with this dosages: considerable muscle mass accumulation, clearly seen strength flood and insignificant water accumulation in the organism. The Turanabol side effects that arise from estrogens are very rare. It is not in vain that the preparation is loved by weightlifters and power-lifters, they know the value of its properties. We know two athletes who use 20 tablets of 5 mg daily in defined periods and look massive and muscular and rise 240 kg in vertical position and almost 380 kg while squatting. Besides these without the use of additional steroid. Turanabol pct dosage, basing on its features, is a suitable steroid for competitions both for men and women. The preparation especially pleases in the competitions with doping-control because it is decomposed in the organism and the decay products are released with the urine in the shortest time. But it is difficult to answer the question of how many days before the competitions the preparation may be used in order to be clear at doping-control.

However, from reliable sources we know that the athletes who use Turanabol as the only steroid, even with the dosages of more than 10 tablets per day, stop its use exactly 5 days before the test and the analyses and probes give negative results. For the pro of this preparation and these knowledge also is the fact that the name of Turanabol has yet never been placed in the list of positive urine tests. We talked to some athletes from big sport and their opinion is as follows: it is enough to stop the use of the preparation before 7-8 days prior to the competitions and everything will be ok, if, of course, the preparation was used separately without any other steroid.

Even after 14 days of Turanabol use of 20 mg dosage per day we may observe the suppression of own testosterone secretion which is however normalized after 5 days already after the preparation is no longer used and is even increased further. It is interesting that this decreased testosterone secretion may rise in one week to the indicators that are higher when compared to those when Turanabol wasn’t used yet. This possible reverse effect cannot be estimated to the value of doping-control. Relatively quick restoration of own secretion of testosterone is obviously in the fact that Turanabol 10 mg decreases the testosterone level with 10-25% of the norm when compared to other steroids while Danabol, for example, decreases with 30-40%. The possible side effects depend, as a rule, on the dosages and are differentiated by the sex.

Females, basing on the predisposition to masculinization cases, may have them with the dosages of 20 mg per day and long use of the preparation. As for females, the secretion of own testosterone may be considerably decreased. Basing on the experience, gynecomastia is very rare while using Turanabol and the action over the electrolyte and water balance is observed too little.

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