Doubtlessly squats with barbell on the shoulders is the best-known exercises to develop the entire body, to improve the health, increase the energy, improve the function of the inner organs and quickly grow the muscular mass.



For the development of the lower leg we have two main exercises: these are the rise on the toes standing and sitting. So, rise on the toes standing is accented for CALF MUSCLES (found outside). For such an exercise we need trainer. No press with barbell on shoulders or one dumbbell in the hand will interchange us the classic rise on the toes standing in the trainer.



Basic exercise number two for legs. Strictly speaking, basic exercises for quadriceps end with it. I will not describe hack squats, squats with barbell on the chest because they are significantly less effective then classic squats and leg press.


SP Primobol

Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Unit: 1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)

90.00  USD 99.00 USD
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Unit: 1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)
Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate
MASS (1-10): 3
CUTTING (1-10): 7
STRENGTH (1-10): 5

Bulk price:

Quantity: 5+
Rate: 85.00 USD


Substantion: Methenolone Enanthate
SP Labs, Moldova of Republic
Pack: 10 ml

All that is written about Primobol 100 tablets, is also related to Primobol of long action. But anyway there are differences between these two preparations that need to be described separately. First of all what comes at first look is that they are produced in different forms: Primobol of long action is injected intramuscularly and Primobol tablets are used orally. One more difference that is not immediately observed is that the tablets contain the acetic form of methenolone and the injection solutions – enanthate form.

Enathate form of Primobol seems just more long-active to the majority of sportsmen, it’s true but just this explanation is not enough. Primobol of long action should be injected only once a week due to its long period of action while the tablets are used daily. Light water accumulation may have place while the use of long-action Primobol with 200 mg per week dosage and this contributes to strength and mass accumulation. Since this doesn’t happen with oral form then this may be the base for use of Primobol of long action.

The beginners in steroid courses may reach good results using 200 mg per week and accumulate 6-7 kg in 8 weeks without concerning that much of it will disappear after the use of the preparation is stopped. Primobol is a good basic steroid with mostly anabolic action although weaker than Nandrolone-D 20% and may be, depending on the aim, combined with almost all steroids. Those who want to sooner accumulate mass but don’t have Decanoate, may use Primobol of long action together with Sustamed 250 and Danabol. Those who have more tolerance or are afraid of potential liver injuries, are very satisfied, basing on experience, with the combination of Primobol of long action in 200 mg quantity per week and Nandrolone Decanoate of 200-400 mg per week.

Our opinion is as follows: Primobol of long action is best combined with Strombaject of long action. 200-400 mg per week is the usual common dosage of Primobol of long action, although there are many athletes who use 100 mg ampoule daily. Primobol of long action together with the acetate form doesn’t convert to estrogens but causes light water accumulation; that’s why during the preparation to competitions the athletes prefer the tablets in most cases. The side effects of Primobol of long action are minimal, present at very sensitive persons as little acne, voice deepening and increased hair growth. Primobol of long action has even less action on liver function when compared to the oral form, so that liver indicators increase is few-possible. Blood pressure, cholesterol level, HDL and LDL indicators remain untouched and the same happens when Primobol tablets are used. And in general Primobol of long action is the most secure injection mean among all steroids.

The athletes whose liver indicators increase during the use of anabolic steroids, but not willing to refuse their use, may try the combination of Primobol of long action and Nandrolone-20% while regular control is made. A bodybuilder who is enough known in Germany and who could win some national titles already confessed that his liver was injured because of the often use of 17-alpha alkylated steroids of Danabol, Anapolon 50 and Oxandrolon but he coped to make his body to the level of national champion thanks to 200 mg Primobol of long action per week, 460 mg of Nandrolone Decanoate per week; and this combination effected the liver some type of negative. Primobol of long action like tablets has insignificant action on the “hypothalamus – pituitary gland – testis” arc, i.e. the own testosterone secretion is decreased only under the high dosages and very long use of the preparation.

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Like muscle pump, the workout process doesn’t differ according to sexual characters. Still we are the same biological kind… Although women are more pleasant to touch. Often the aims are different for men and women. First ones, as a rule, want sharper expressed musculature (they need fast growth of muscles) when compared to women