Shipping info on

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes and APOs?
In order for us to successfully execute shipping to PO Box and APO addresses, we ask you to write in the details on shipping to the comments of the order.

How do you ship?

  • We provide safe way of shipping and in an international way.
  • Name of the company or other pharmacy issue relating information is not marked on the package stamp. 
  • Due to safety reasons we use to change the shipping way from time to time.
  • The shipped orders are small, in order to ignore unwanted questions. In case the order is large, we are to produce two or more orders with single cost for all.
  • The boxes are used for more than one time in case they match with the purchase, we make everything possible to protect the nature.

The orders are shipped from many European countries.

Do you control packaging , what about customs, what takes place if the box is hold?
We take care of our security system, also the orders are shipped as safe as we are able to do that. In case the purchase is taken by the customs, we call for sending us the special impound notice that comes via search or maybe FDA, and so, we could ship the purchase for free especially for you. The customer has to control the particular impound correspondence and bring to this address [email protected] We can send a customer an extra order only for one time.
We don't reship to the following places: Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, Singapore, South Korea.

What about shipping service fee?
The cost for order shipping equals to $25 USD. When your order reaches $600 or more you may get our cost-free shipping promotion.

Is the supply secure?
We try to bunch the purchase very securely with highest level of discernment. We don’t practice packing the goods to their own packages in order to diminish the delivery volume. ------ We are not going to consider the name of the company on the bundle as well as the purchases pass via different places of the European Union. In this way we provide a risk-free and discrete delivery.

Should I put my signature for shipping?
Some individual orders are directed through an official post, and going to your location, they can be followed. For security reasons you have to put your signature when the purchase is delivered to you.

How much time does it take to order and ship?
From the moment you place the order, we provide you clear instructions on how to proceed an individual payment. As soon as we have the payment, we pack the purchase within 1-3 days.
Time for shipment varies between 7 and 15 days, weekends are not considered. The delivery that are international may be delayed up to 25 working days due to the customs.
If the parcel didn’t come on time, we ask you to write us concerning this issue in order for us to help you. Your persistence will be of great value for us.

When am I going to receive my parcel?
To get an answer to this question, you have to do the following: sign up to our site and select "My Orders” link that is situated on the right; go back to details of your order and select “More info”.

What does Semi-shipped order mean?
Semi-shipped order stays for the situation when your order is in process to be packed. In case the package is not small and one of its part is already shipped, in this case the remaining part is going to be shipped and their delivery interval is going to be equal to the delay of some days.

In case my package is late, how can I process?
In case the packages are delayed due to the customs or the mail system and don’t have the purchase on time, we ask you to get in touch with our customer service or write us an e-mail, thus, we could provide you best service.