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10 x 1ml amp (50 mg/ml)
Rexogin Alpha Pharma
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Rexogin Winstrol Alpha Pharma is one of the most favorite steroids of the prevailing majority. Winstrol, for example, is one of the chemical substances that ensured Ben Johnson his amazing races. This substance provided this exclusive athlete with such an observable muscle gain and nicely outlined musculature that some bodybuilders would envy him. During the first championship of big bodybuilding with doping-test the winner Shon Ray and massive Canadian professional Nimrod King were caught of using Winstroll (1990) (Stanozolol). (Flex, July 1990, page 70). Track-and-field athletics championship in 1993 in Stuttgart showed 2 cases of Stanozolol use.

To say it shortly: Winstrol is a very effective steroid when used in a correct way. It is important to make difference between 2 production forms, because injection Winstrol Depot is much more effective than the oral Winstrol and that’s why the majority of the athletes prefer it. The features of injection Winstrol Depot is that its active chemical substance – like in other steroids - is solved in water and not in oil. And although nearly every bodybuilding sportsman that is experienced in steroids knows the difference, this knowledge is rarely used in practice: the time intervals between the injections of Winstrol of long action should be shorter than for those solved in oil (for example, like Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon 250, Parabolan etc.).

The reason for that is relatively short half-life period of the steroids that are solved in oil which quickly come to the blood but act for a short period of time. The practice showed that Winstrol of long action of 50 mg/ml should be injected at least two times per day and the best results are observed at 50 mg daily dose. The active chemical substance of Stanozolol is a derivative of dehydrotestosterone and consequently, Winstrol of long action is not aromatized to estrogens and only in particular situations does it cause water accumulation. The main application area of Winstrol of long action is based on these two features – bodybuilding: competition preparation period. Combined with calorie-limited diet that is rich for proteins, Winstrol of long action gives the musculature toughness and elasticity. Winstrol of long action used with diet is applied normally not as the only steroid, because due to it small androgenic component it doesn’t securely protect the athlete from muscular tissue damages. Lack of expressed androgenic action is compensated by combined use of Parabolan.

Combination of Winstrol of long action of 50 mg per day and Finaject 30 mg per day just a few years ago was “Champions’ top-combination”. Because the original Finaject is not produced any longer, this role is played by Parabolan. Depending on athlete’s results, as a rule, 50 mg of Winstrol of long action is used every 1-2 days and Paraboln 76 mg/1,5 ml every 1-3 days. Although there is no any scientific explanation to the favor of the special interaction of Winstrol of long action and Parabolan, the synergy effect is very probable based on the multiple examples from practice. Other steroids that are successfully used during preparations to the championships together with Winstrol of long action are Masteron, Venobol, Halotestin, Oxandrolon, testosterone propionate, Primobolan and growth hormones. Winstrol of long action is suitable not only for preparation to the championships but also during accumulation state because it doesn’t contribute to water accumulation, fast weight gains with Winstrol are very rare. But anyway an essential gain of musculature and proportionally stronger strength increase takes place which is most often kept after the preparation was stopped. Bodybuilders who want to increase strength and mass often combine Winstrol of long action with Danabol, Anapolon 50, testosterone and Deca-Durabolin. With the combination of 100 mg of anapolon 50 per day, 50 mg of Winstrol of long action per day and 400 mg Deca-Durabolin per week the sportsman comes very slowly to the dosages of ambitious athletes of big sport. The athletes of older age group and steroid course beginners may reach good progress with Winstrol of long action and Deca-Durabolin or Winstrol of long action and Primobolan of long action.

At the same time they also have a danger-free combination which, as a rule, doesn’t cause essential side effects and leaves the beginners in steroidal courses some place for “stronger” things in this phase. Winstrol of long action is mostly anabolic steroid with relatively moderately expressed androgenic action which may be, however, become observable at females at the dose of just 50 mg per week, for males – at higher dosage. And the female athletes have problems during the injection of 50 mg 2 times per week. Although the action of Winstrol of long action essentially decreases after some days and at least 2 injections per week are necessary, at the same time undesired androgen accumulation may take place in the female organism which cause virilization cases. And the low voice of one or an other female sportsmen is explained, of course, by Winstrol of long action.

However, the dose of 50 mg of Winstrol of long action every second day for ambitious female athletes is to be a rule rather than exclusion. Other non-androgenic-conditioned side effects like headaches, muscular spasms , following HDL and LDL indexes, in rare cases cause increased arterial pressure and may be seen at females and males. On the other hand the possibility liver damage at injection form of Winstrol is very low; it rarely happens that increased arterial pressure may take place both at women and men. Since Winstrol of long action is solved in water, the injections, as a rule, are more unpleasant and painful than in case of oil solutions. Although there exist many fakes of injection Winstrol, the original “Wini”, as it is kindly called by the users, can be easily recognized from its unusual production form. From the first sight the discussion is about ampoule content: milk-white, watery liquid that however has some features. The original “Vini” falls to the precipitate, so that the active chemical substance is separated from the watery injection liquid if the ampoule is not in rest for a defined time period. If the ampoule stays in the pack for some hours or on table, the active chemical substance is collected and becomes visible as white layer at the lower part of the glass and is mixed with the transparent watery liquid only after multiple ampoule shaking. In the ampoule that contains 1 ml of suspension and solved 50 mg of Stanozolol normally falls about 1 nail thickness of white layer. The athlete may easily learn whether this is injection Winstrol with Stanozolol or something with smaller dose of chemical substance. In no way should you buy the ampoules or glass flasks that contain more than 1 ml of suspension because only original injection Winstrol preparations exist in 1 ml glass ampoules.

Original Spanish ampoules of “Tsambon” company have unusually large body and have brown font. Italian ampoules of “Tsambon” company are also easy to recognize because we talk about small ampoules with pierceable top and the same large body but with blue font. The inscription of Italian and Spanish “Wini” cannot be deleted by nail, cannot be scraped, it is well groped with finger. Fake Stanozolol is most often offered in usual commercial narrow ampoules. Due to the fact that “Wintrop” company doesn’t produce once widely spread Strombaject, you will find only Spanish and Italian Winstrol Depot of “Tsambon” company at German black market. There exists one more disadvantage because during often injections scar tissue takes place at buttocks and this makes the athletes inject Winstrol to shoulders, legs or even to calves. Although this is just a necessity, Winstrol injections to defined groups of muscles gain even more popularity because the athletes observed that an accelerated gain of the involved muscle takes place. Most of the discussed issues generally relates to oral Winstrol. However there exist differences together with different production form and that’s why – like as for Primobolan case – there is sense in discussing the preparations separately. For the majority of users this preparation is observably less effective than the injections. There is no any logical and scientific explanation for this. Because tablets are alkylated by 17-alpha, it seems unbelievable that at “first pass” through the liver a part of the substance is inactivated so that such a possibility disappears. One of the reasons is, as we think, the fact that majority of the athletes use insufficient amount of tablets of Winstrol and its costliness. If we consider the fact that injection Winstrol Depot, as a rule, is used in doses of 50 mg per day at least 50 mg every other day and if we compare it with the daily dose of used tablets then our opinion is supported. The male athletes who have access to injection Winstrol of long action, consequently, should prefer injection form to tablets.

Women mostly prefer oral Winstrol. And it does make sense because female athletes need smaller daily dose of Stanozolol which makes 10-16 mg per day. Because of this fact the daily dose decreases to 5-8 tablets, so digestive tract and increased indexes of the liver are rare. One more reason why women use oral preparation is that the dose may be equally divided during the day. The advantage is that the androgen conditioned side effects (virilization cases) may be eliminated and essential androgen level increase in the blood doesn’t take place as it does at 50 mg injections. The athletes who decided to use oral form of Winstrol, normally administrate daily dose in two times, more often in the morning and in the evening, using them with a drink. This provides good resorption of the active chemical substance and simultaneously leads minimizes the possibility of gastro-intestinal disorders case.

Practically Strombaject aqua is an analogue of Winstrol Depo, in fact it is a little changed form of injection stanozolol. Stanozolol is a steroidal anabolic with expressed anabolic and less expressed androgen action. It affects cell nucleus activating the genetic cell apparatus. This leads to enhancement of DNA, RNA and structure proteins synthesis.


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