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Payment Information

  1. Go to System Payment Agent Location

  2. Estimate your Transaction Fee

    Important notes:

    • System Payment Agent doesn't permit  commercial payments so do not indicate that you want to pay for the online purchase. If the Officials interrogate you about the use of the payment you may tell them that you send the money to your friends or to your relatives. You shouldn't indicate any details of your order (the name of the ordered product, the name of the website, etc.)
  3. Indicate the Reference number that the Agent will give to you after completing the transaction.

  4. Go to our Site and login into your account and fill-in the Enter Info the MTCN number in order to attest the  payment.

    Important notes:

    • You have to check if you received Your Reference number was accepted message.
    • The order will be shipped within 2-4 working days after we get the Reference number.