Doubtlessly squats with barbell on the shoulders is the best-known exercises to develop the entire body, to improve the health, increase the energy, improve the function of the inner organs and quickly grow the muscular mass.



For the development of the lower leg we have two main exercises: these are the rise on the toes standing and sitting. So, rise on the toes standing is accented for CALF MUSCLES (found outside). For such an exercise we need trainer. No press with barbell on shoulders or one dumbbell in the hand will interchange us the classic rise on the toes standing in the trainer.



Basic exercise number two for legs. Strictly speaking, basic exercises for quadriceps end with it. I will not describe hack squats, squats with barbell on the chest because they are significantly less effective then classic squats and leg press.



Active substance: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Unit: 5 x 1,5ml amp (76.5mg/1.5ml)

85.00  USD
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Unit: 5 x 1,5ml amp (76.5mg/1.5ml)
Active substance: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
MASS (1-10): 10
CUTTING (1-10): 10
STRENGTH (1-10): 10


Parabolin Alpha Pharma (trenbolone) is the most powerful anabolic steroid that exist today – by androgen receptor stabilization trenbolone overcomes not only testosterone (more than three times!) but also Nandrolon. However, the last ones are much more costly when compared to the product. Just like testosterone and nandrolon, trenbolon contributes to activation of satellite cells and increase of IGF-1 level in the blood which leads to muscle hyperplasia.

Like testosterone Parabolin may be the only steroid in the cycle by strength – it owns expressed “not genomic” activity. However, it is better not build your “mass-accumulating” cycle exclusively on trenbolon: although some athletes showed good “reaction” from the preparation as for muscle mass gain, it gives way to testosterone on this index. And it’s worth saying – essentially. This takes place because of trenbolon inability to aromatization: as for muscle mass accumulation – anabolic steroids ability to be converted to estradiol just have positive effect. By the way, in veterinary practice combination of parabolan with estradiol is used for quick mass accumulation most often. Parabolin properties make it practically ideal “partner” for any anabolic steroidal preparation including testosterone. Since trenbolon is not aromatized and, consequently, doesn’t lead to accumulation of water, it is used in the cycles prior to competitions together with stanozolol, for example, or drostanolon (masteron).

Today you will probably find no professional bodybuilder whose precompetitive preparation doesn’t include trenbolon. The following situation makes trenbolon an ideal component during precompetitive stage – according to an investigation (St.John L. С, Ekeren P. A., Crouse J. D., Schanbacher В. D., Smith S. В., Lipogenesis in adipose tissue from ovariectomized and intact heifers immunized against estradiol and /or implanted with trenbolone acetate, Journal of Animal Science, 1987, May, 64 (5)) this preparation contributes to burning of excess of subcutaneous fat. The truth is at the presence of estradiol excess in the blood trenbolon doesn’t show its fat-burning properties. Practically this means that in order to show its fat-burning features parabolan should be combined with not-aromatized steroids like methenolone, oxandrolone or drostanolon or stanozolol.
Trenbolon may rightly have the title of fake king – hardly any other anabolic steroid could boast with such amount and such regularity of “imitations” at the market. In best cases these “imitations” include much cheaper preparation (as a rule – testosterone propionate in low concentration); in some worse case – nothing besides oil. Unfortunately too bad cases also took place when the ampoules included side mixtures and the preparation simply became dangerous for the health. Not too much ago the raw material for trenbolone ethers was bought by Mexican “Ttokkyo Labs” so that these ethers had the happiness to enter the blood of mostly North American continent. During last time the situation changed and, I should say, essentially but we will talk about that lately. Besides the investigated beneath trenbolon ethers, 17-os-alkylated version of it does exist. Its name is methylt-rienolone, effectively in small dosages but catastrophically badly affects the liver and that’s why it industrially not produced now.

Some more words about the side effects of Trenbolon. It is considered that this preparation (particularly, parabolan, it means trenbolone cyclohexykmethylcarbonate) negatively affects kidneys. What served a reason to extend such acquisitions is not known. Today no any documental hint was registered that trenbolon may cause even slightest damage for this vitally important organ. As for the other side effects of the steroid we may note that trenbolon usage leads to increased aggressiveness but not for everyone and, as it is called “within acceptable ranges”.

Parabolin Alpha Pharma is the most beautiful precompetitive preparation. Relatively high androgenic features provide additional “dryness” for the athlete with some excessive weight. The same feature gives the muscles expressive voluminous look. The preparation may be effective during low-calorie diet under the condition of keeping big quantity of protein. However, it is used not only as the mean of relief enhancement but it also may be used for the accumulation of qualitative muscular mass and strength without the edema that testosterone or methane cause. In combination with Anavar, the preparation is included for strength cycle for those lifters who don’t wish to pass to other weight category.

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