Wrongly selected steroids on Steroidchocie.com

Many sportsmen increase the danger of getting complications and side effects when using the steroids in a wrong way. During the combined use of some steroids you shouldn’t use more than one preparation with strong androgen effect. It is better to have your choice on the steroids of intramuscular injection:

They not only provide the constant flow of the preparation to the blood but also “overstep” the phase when the oral steroids lose the major part of their potential possibilities. This stage is related to the entrance of the steroids to the liver; the oral steroids in liver are neutralized in a significant measure bringing big damage to the organ. Majority of the sportsmen even today don’t know that they may achieve huge growth in strength and “mass” using steroids with weak androgen effect. Also there may be avoided many dangers related to the androgen action of the steroids.

The steroidal cycles with the use of such preparations like Deca, Primobolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolon and low dosages of Danabol, as the practice showed, may be very effective. (From the originator: I should remark in parentheses that many famous sportsmen of so-called “Petersburg” school don’t use strongly-androgen preparations at all and nevertheless the results that they show are not able not to cause respect).