Scenario number three!
This is a classical option which uses dirty dianabol, dangerous Deca and starts with relatively harmless Turinabol.

1) Course for “pioneers” at sole turinabol. 6 weeks of administration of 40 mg per day. This simple system of turinabol administration is used for many years by beginners in our common pharmacological business. In my opinion this is the best choice for the first introduction with pharma. Immediately after this first course when you had 6-week rest, it is possible to start the second course with the same drug but with larger dose and period of about 8 weeks. ACT is standard with zinc, vitamin E, tribulus and others. Clomid is not necessary.

2) Dianabol solo. 6-week administration period of 30-50 mg per day. The course is rubles-saving, meat accumulative, acne-forming, water-pumping, penis-depressing, mood-improving. ACT is usual – first three weeks after the course we administrate clomid of 100 mg per day and also zinc of 50-100 mg per day + vitamin E of 400-800 units daily + good polyvitaminic complex; immediately after you finished using clomid we start to eat d-aspartic acid of 10 g per day (5 in the morning on an empty stomach and 5 in the evening just before the sleep) and tribulus of 1500-2000 mg per day (zinc, vitamin E, aspartic acid and tribulus are administrated during about 2 months).

3) Course for “experienced”. Methane of 40 mg per day + 50-100 mg of testosterone propionate every other day. Duration is 6-8 weeks. ACT is same as for the second course of this scenario.

4) Course duration is 10 weeks. First 8 weeks: nandrolone of 400 mg per week + methane of 40 mg per day. Last two weeks of the course: propionate of 100 mg every other day + stanozolol of 50 mg per day. Classical mass-accumulating option with “exit” on short drugs. As a result, it is possible to get 8 kg of water mass and obtain udder of a female dog. ACT – same as ACT from the second course of the second scenario.

Scenario number zero
In case you want to start your introduction with chemistry with oxandrolone, 1 g of testosterone per week and insulin, then your place is in a loony bin. However, this situation also can take place because everyone sees the pharmacological happiness in different ways and these daydreams took root so deeply in hypertrophied minds of some newly made chemists that neither my articles nor exhortations of priests of ROC who are tired of fanning with the censer and perform funeral service for meaty corpses of pharma pioneers, can free them. Zero scenario is a kind of nuclear test site and a form of medicamental improvisation which is endless with its self-expression grade. Here you can lather with boldenon the combination from prima and deca. It is possible to use only dexamethasone and pepetits all the year round. Also the impromptu where cytomel and ECA take part is possible here. Any doses of insulin are acceptable mixed with loved GH. National projects with galotest followed by exotic shaman's drum beating and subtle howling of followers of Boreson are realized here. To say it shortly, it is not the place for my advice and recommendation in this scenario.

Instead of conclusion
As I could I told about the organization, planning and realization of steroid courses for beginners. I tried to structure and organize them in a comfortable form for the youth. All my narrow-minded knowledge I couldn’t express in one article but the remaining information can be found at forum and other articles at blog – don’t be lazy, just read!