Supercompensation or Muscle Growth on

Supercompensation or Muscle Growth

So, we found out what is muscle growth. This is accommodation to the changes of external environment, to workouts which are a stress for our muscles. And how does this happen?

We have the initial level in the middle. This is how our biceps looks like now – in other words, this is homeostasis or equilibrium with the external environment itself. For example, you performed a workout which is a stress and caused serious negative perturbations – destroyed muscular cells of biceps. After you finish the workout you eat and have rest and the organism tries to get back the lost equilibrium by treating the muscular cells and eliminating other damages that were caused by the workout. Some days passed and you restored to the initial level – the biceps gained the initial size. But the most interesting thing starts exactly here. Our body “thinks” that this stuff with workout will repeat …. umm… but may be not? I would better ensure myself and make some deposit (supercompensation) in case a similar stress takes place in the future. And if the stress doesn’t take place then I will come back to the state that was some weeks ago. Practically this will be expressed and biceps increase of some more than the initial level.

This is a very important moment. Properly speaking, from my point of view, two most important secrets or muscular growth principles exist. These are supercompensation principle and load progression principle. Now we are talking about the first. Its main point is that after the destruction you restore not to the initial level, but some more. And actually this is the growth.