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Receipt of fast muscular pump on

Receipt of fast muscular pump

This receipt is very simple: you should regularly expose your muscles to greater stress when compared to the previous workout which will lead to regular growth (adaptation). The faster you get to give such stress, the faster you will pump your muscles. 
But not everything is so straightforward. Eventually the organism gets used to regular stress and correspondently the growth stops. So called plateau comes. Beginners are little familiar with this (they grow at any courses because any course, even the most idiotic, is a stress for their muscles). But those who trained for more than a year are well familiar with this effect. What to do? Which exercises should be changed? Splits? Many questions arise suddenly.

Remember: your aim is to increase the load. Don’t think how to increase biceps. Think how to increase barbell weight when folding the biceps. Many variants may be applied here. For example, to perform more negative reps or temporarily decrease the number of reps in order to increase the weight. There are many methods.

Controlled reverse-workout

However, the best of all exists. This is … controlled reverse-workout. You should essentially decrease the load during the workout or totally remove them for some period in order to get weaker. I agree that this sounds pretty seditious and many would like to lynch me like a heretic. However, this works out and a serious scientific explanation lies under it. 
When you don’t train for a time or train with a very light load, this means that the muscles become weaker and correspondently the level of adaptation to the stress essentially decreases. What does that mean? This means that when you come back to your working weights they will be again a great stress for your muscles and this means that the muscles will adapt to this stress and will grow.

Load periodization 

Many heard about periodization in training but a few understand its meaning. And the meaning is very simple – you don’t shove like a sheep directly but give the load in waves. At peak you train hardly and make two steps ahead. At downturn you train with relief and achieve reverse-workout which a step ahead.
Such a periodization may have very different forms and sizes. For example, you may alternate weeks. A hard week and then an easy week. You may alternate months: one hard and the next one is easy one. You may choose as you wish. For example, one month is a light one and the other two are hard ones. The main is to understand the idea of periodization and then to realize it in your course.
This system works for 100%. You make a step back in order to make a step ahead. Simply you have to get used to this psychologically.


So, you decided on pumping the muscles fast and don’t know how to start? How to pump the muscles? – you are asking yourself… In this case you should simply attentively examine this section of the website and … get convinced that you don’t have any more questions. 

I am joking, just joking. In fact, everything is quiet easy to understand if this is “sorted through” in a system. We are going to perform exactly this. Prior to answering the question how to pump muscles, we are going to understand the basics. We will start from the main point – the principles of fast muscle growth. When we understand this, it will give you the general concept about bodybuilding in general and will set you apart from the grey mass of visitors of the gym.


The matter is that bodybuilding or fitness is a very multiform definition. Everyone puts in it the meaning he wants – this is flat belly of a sexual fitness model for someone and a wide back of a monster-bodybuilder for the other… Now then, bodybuilding is not just pumping of the muscles but, first of all, it is a way of life. Yes, this is not sports; to say it exactly, it is much more than sports. Because you go for it day and night. Because the processes of restoration and muscles growth take place not during the workout itself but after it, during the rest. That’s why, even when you sleep, your muscles grow and you “go on” going for bodybuilding… and here we come to the first, main rule: the muscles grow not during the workout, but after it. Let’s remember this sentence from which we may conclude that for the fast growth of muscles there should be enough rest. The process of this rest is called workout restoration. Simply it may be represented and restoration (treatment) of the micro-rupture in the muscles. By the way, “treatment” may be called also adaptation of the muscles to the load… Generally saying, this is the notorious growth itself which is so necessary if you don’t know how to pump muscles.