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It is possible to work with extra loads during years and not to see any changes in your body constitution (I don’t even talk about fast muscle growth). Properly saying, 95% of subscription owners in gyms show exactly this “result”. Why? Because they work with same weights for years. Point. Clinical case. Remember that if you don’t know how to pump muscles then you should put more and more difficult task for the muscle every time. If the muscles don’t get continuously increasing load (weight, reps etc.), then they do not need to continuously grow and increase its size. Keep in mind that the musculature should be continuously overloaded so that it to grow and become stronger by adaptation to harder loads. I consider this principle to be most important for successful training because if you manage to systematically follow this even forgetting about the other principles, anyway you will demonstrate progress.


I want you to be a part of remaining 5% of gym visitors who are watched begrudgingly by the others. Exactly because of that I will show you “secret” of serious achievements. I will show the serious secret of how to pump the muscles. Your secret is the workout diary – the tool which will make you continuously follow the overload principle. And correspondently quickly pump your muscles. Looking at your workout diary you will definitely know what weight you overpowered during the last workout and with how much you can increase it during the present workout. How to diarize and what to notice in the diary I will tell some later. Of course you consider yourself to be the smartest. The one who remembers the weight in mind without any notices… Well, then welcome to 95%...