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Like muscle pump, the workout process doesn’t differ according to sexual characters. Still we are the same biological kind… Although women are more pleasant to touch :) Often the aims are different for men and women. First ones, as a rule, want sharper expressed musculature (they need fast growth of muscles) when compared to women. And genetics helps them to achieve this. Men have much more muscles in the upper part of the body and additionally stronger hormonal background which contribute to the growth. Namely because of this, no training woman will be able to “spoil” her body constitution with big “man-like” muscles unless using hormonal drugs. From gym visits she can count upon only sportive trained figure.

Exercises for Muscle pump

Bodybuilding exercises are divided according to muscular groups that they train (for legs, back, hands and so on), according to muscles amount (joints) that they involve into the work (basic and isolating), according to vector (pulling and pushing). Beginners should better perform basic exercises – namely these exercises are really responsible for fast growth of the muscles in bodybuilding. All classic basic exercises assume usage of barbell or dumbbell (free weights) and not trainers in any case which ease the work unnecessarily by their arrangement. The correct technique of exercise performance is also very important in bodybuilding which contributes to the necessary elaboration of the muscles. We will talk about it some later.


One-time implementation of the exercise is called one repetition (rep). If you saw bodybuilding competition then you noticed that the athletes perform a push or a jerk exactly for one time with maximum weight. Usually 6-12 reps are used in bodybuilding. Exactly these amounts of muscle contraction will maximum contribute to the fast growth of the muscles. In order to overpower this number of reps you will have to decrease the weight to 60-75% of the one that you would be able to “take” for a single time. Let’s say if I could squeeze the barbell of 100 kg weight of bench press then with the weight of 70 kg I would perform 6-8 reps and this would be exactly what is necessary for muscle growth. A series of such interrupted reps is called a set.


It is clear that every exercise should be repeated for some sets. What is the amount of sets? Because you may go over or have a shortage with the load… The optimal for the fast growth of muscles is considered the amount of 2-4 working sets of one exercise. Since the muscular group in bodybuilding is “pumped” by 2-4 exercises, you may count that it comes out that the group gets 4 to 16 working sets during a workout. This is usually written as: bench press 4X6-8. It means that we make the exercise of “bench press” for 4 sets of 6-8 reps each.

Muscle fail and pump

In order to use the principle of overloading for fast muscular growth you need muscular fail. In other words, it is such muscle fatigue during the last rep of the set when you are not able to make any more rep with correct technique. Exactly this way will be the guarantee that you receive enough load for muscle growth. If you stop in the moment when you are able to perform one more rep (didn’t reach muscle fail) then you have a shortage and the muscles don’t have the reason to grow.


For a long time all bodybuilders used to pump the body during one workout. They had to perform huge number of exercises and sets. Naturally during the last exercises they had less possibility to fully work out the muscles due to fatigue. And the effectiveness in rapid muscle growth of such complexes of workouts was not high. That is why the system of separate workout for different muscular group changed the complex system. It is called Split and assumes “pumping” different muscles in different days. Usually the athlete trains for 2-3 days and then has rest. Although there are many splits in which every workout day is followed by a day of rest. The entire body is fully pumped once in 4-8 days.


Nutrition is one of the habits that you will have to change. And this is good because your new nutrition habits will contribute not only to the growth of sports achievements but will also be very useful for the health of your organism. To say it shortly, for the fast growth of muscles in bodybuilding you will need to eat more often but small dosages in order to accelerate metabolism and increase the daily portion of protein in your diet up to 2 grams per a kilogram of your body. In the beginning try to eat more meat, fish, eggs or milk products. Drink protein cocktail or milk after the workout or before sleep.

Muscles growth

Bodybuilding (fitness) is a unique tool to pump your muscles. Like a mirror it allows everyone get what he wants. If you want to grow the muscles rapidly – welcome, and if, on the contrary, you want to get slim and tight it is also not a question. You should just really want it and strive for the goal. Do not be afraid of the huge abyss between you and the professional athletes. They are ordinary people and also had started sometime. You just need to understand that biologically our body is capable of very significant changes. It is necessary just to have the courage to step on the path of these changes and then, maybe, not just your body will change…