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Muscle Growth Theory on

Muscle Growth Theory

In this edition I will not dive deeply into the sports physiology because this is a very broad topic that requires a series of articles. I will tell just the most important. The main point is that our organism doesn’t want to change! Our corpuscle ALWAYS strives to permanence and immutability, in other words, to have rest, like an old-aged conservative. This is what physiologists call HOMEOSTASIS or equilibrium. This happens simply because the body, as a system, keeps energy and this means that it makes your existence more economical and logical.
However, equilibrium is not just the left balance but also the right one. You need to balance something, right? If you have the inner system on the left scale – our organism, then on the right scale we have the system of external environment which continuously interact, trying to reach equilibrium. If the external environment changes suddenly for some time, then the inner system will be affected by disasters and changes due to equilibrium loss.

If the external environment repeatedly changes, then the inner system will have to adjust to these changes in order to keep its permanence. For example, if a man is exposed to a shining sun (a new external environment for him), then he will have sunburns (inner system disaster). If this takes place during some days then the inner system (skin) will adjust to the changes of the external environment (sun) by ADAPTATION – production of melatonin (skin tanning).

In other words, adaptation is the accommodation of organism’s inner environment to the changes in external environment. Adaptation is the way to maintain the equilibrium. To say it simply, adaptation is addiction.

Well. What does the muscles growth have to do with this? I think that the most sharp-witted people have caught the direct relation. Workout in the gym is a rough disequilibrium by the external environment. When you lift the barbell training your biceps, you destroy the muscular cells and other inner system of your organism. This is a monstrous stress and monstrous violation of the inner peace just like a skin burn or sunburned skin. And if such a mockery goes on regularly, then it makes the body adapt by increasing the size of the muscular fibers or skin darkening if you talk about sun.