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As more of our citizens get the possibility to visit gyms and sport clubs, the problem of using steroids becomes even more actual. We have already discussed that the most part of steroids that come to the black market is purchased by usual amateurs who wish to better the results of their training. And many of them don’t have any concept on how to literally methodically use these preparations.

Some overseas specialists (Bill Phillips, Charles Iessalis, Robert Howy) consider that nearly one million of people who are in sport use steroids and 90% of them make it wrongly without getting the expected results and suffering from some side effects. However, if you decided to use steroids then it is worth reading this article with special attention. This will help avoiding wrong actions which lead to the dangerous side effects.

We will write about the most often mistakes that are described in “Anabolic steroids” by P. Grunding and M. Bachmann. It is comfortable to divide them into some groups.

Usage of very high dosages. The favors of bodybuilding often suffer from the popular of the strategy “the more the better”. According to it if 5 tablets act well than 10 will act better. With such images the doors for the side effects are widely open. The effectiveness of nearly all steroids depends on the dosage that is enough if the “building” behavior of the steroids molecules and receptors is reached. If the receptors of muscle cell are saturated, the excessive steroid molecules will find another target. The dysfunctions of liver, problems with kidneys, hair loss, acne, high level of estrogens, decrease of the endogen secretion of the hormones, aggressiveness often arise from the high dosages. So-called megadoses don’t give the increase of the growth of strength and mass. And those who think that 50 mg of Danabol and 100 mg of Testosterone per day are the only way to the “ideal body” are strongly misguided.

Excessively long usage period. Just like during the high dosages the danger of potential side effects increases in this case. The possibility of organic damages is especially high while the long use of oral steroids that are alkylated by 17-alpha position. The action of the used means doesn’t weaken after some time and is again stronger only during the short-lasting increase of dosages or during the change of steroid’s kind. Everyone should know that the stronger the preparation is, the faster its effect falls, that is why there is no sense to use it for a long time. During the use of Anapolon 50 the growths are decreased already after 3-4 weeks as it comes from the experience while the same results may be reached with Deca during 10-12 weeks.

The use of wrong-kind steroids. There should be made a clear border between the androgenic toxic steroids of Anapolon, Methyltestosterone, Danabol, Halotestin kind with other not less androgenic and mostly anabolic steroids and low-toxic steroids of Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin, Oxandrolon, Andriol and Winstrol type. Since the use of steroids of first kind is mostly related to the serious side effects, there is sense to limit their use up to 6-8 weeks. Females, teenagers, aged athletes and beginners in steroids use should be especially accurate with them.

Selection of inappropriate usage schedule. The effectiveness of every steroidal program is increased under the skillfull selection of steroids combination since the synergy effect is reached by this matter. This means that using low total dosage better results are reached. Different receptors are activated whose saturation is postponed and the steroidal combination acts for a longer time. Simultaneously the potential side effects are minimized. Instead of 50 mg of Danabol the athlete uses 30 mg + 200 mg of Deca Durabolin per week. The best results are achieved during the combination of oral steroid with the injectable one. The less sense is in the combination of two oral steroids, for example Danabol with Anapolon or Oxandrolon with Methyltestosterone. Since the stimulating action on the protein synthesis and the metabolism for majority of steroids weakens after some weeks, then you should start with low dosages and slowly and gradually increase them. The athletes using the steroidal cycle for more than 6-8 weeks should completely pass to another combination.

Sudden usage stop. Many side effects, possible “reverse effect”, strength and mass loss are minimized by slow gradual stop of steroidal use. Correspondently the sudden “cancellation” increases their possibility. You shouldn’t finish the course by strongly-acting steroids like Anapolon or testosterone.
Use of fakes. It is difficult to use such a mistake. The fakes that present in large quantity at the black market often are the reason of the insufficient results or their lack and also many side effects. Many of them are not sterile, not dosed, contain another substances or are not those steroids whose name is indicated at the pack.

Neglecting the outer factors. The use of steroids themselves doesn’t guarantee impressing results. Their effect depends on four factors that own a synergy effect when applied together and that’s why called “magical tetragonal”. These are training, nutrition, rest and disposition. And namely those who use steroids somehow tend to neglect these most important prerequisites for good results. Other mistakes that we may add to this list are: non-compliance of antiseptics and asepsis rules during the injection with the development of purulent infection;

use of the needles of insufficient length and diameter for the injection of oil solutions;
one-moment injection of large volume of the preparation into one point during the injections;
excessive use of sodium and insufficient use of liquid during the use of steroids;
use of membrane-protective hepatotropic means like Essentiale together with the use of steroids.

Of course, the mistakes are made not only during the use of anabolic steroids. The use of other anabolizators of pharmacological origin can be also illiteral. It is not permitted to use too large amount of the preparations at one time – the total effect in this case cannot be predictable. During the use of insulin there should be provided the adequate use of carbohydrates – their insufficiency leads to regular hypoglycemic disorders until the development of comatose state and their excess leads to obesity. During the use of the growth hormone preparations for the increase of the muscular mass and strength it is absolutely ineffective to use short-term high dosages. If there appears a need to use non-steroidal anti-inflamatory means or corticosteroids, you should prefer the local use of gels, ointments or local injections (this relates to the corticosteroids). During the use of the hormones of thyroid gland the most serious mistake is the dosage excess and as the result the cardiovascular system suffers together with the thyroid gland itself.