How to correctly perform the steroid injections on

Before starting to inject anabolic steroids, you should learn how to correctly do this and which moments should be considered. 
The main moment is hygiene maintenance. You should not use old, used or someone’s syringes. You should preventively take care about syringes deposit for the whole steroid course. Indeed, during their use it is very important to follow the Injection time and not to spend it on runs to pharmacies. The next moment in hygiene is the clearance of your body. Don’t make the injections if you have just sweated well, otherwise, you may bring some infection together with the needle.

For the same reason you need to obligatorily process the injection place with alcohol or antiseptic. Starting the anabolic steroids injection many people face the problem: “Where to inject?”. Let’s start with the fact that independently whether the preparation is with water or oil base, it should be injected intramuscularly, i.e. as deep as possible inside the muscular tissue. Theoretically, the injection may be made in any muscle, but the most suitable is considered to be buttocks, the outer part of the delta or hips. It is related to the fact that the muscles are the thickest at these parts. If you have just started taking the muscular mass, then it is better not to do injections to the hand by yourself because you may touch the nerve due to the insufficient thickness of the muscles.

Also you should be attentive while piercing the outer part of the hips. The matter is that you may target in the vessel or hurt the nerve after which the leg may be paralyzed or will have pains during the loads. The most secure for the injection is the upper outer part of the buttock. However, if the injection is made too low, the sciatic nerve may be touched, this will lead to temporarily paralysis and strong pains. The choice of the syringe is a responsible task. Its volume must correspond to the injected dosage and the needle should be of enough large diameter in order for the preparation to pass but it shouldn’t be very thick, otherwise you may be hurt. It is most simple to consult a pharmacist in this case. Also purchase a 96% alcohol in the pharmacy, which will serve best for disinfection and a pack of cotton swabs. So, everything is ready and now you may initiate the injection itself. Obligatorily wash the hands before the procedure.

Your further actions depend on the matter what is the container of the used anabolic steroid. If it is a flacon, then wipe its upper part with the cotton swab wetted in alcohol. After this unpack the syringe, put the needle and take off the preventive cover. Turning over the flacon, upside down, insert the needle in it and gather the needed volume of the preparation and some more inside the syringe. Set aside the flacon with the steroid. If the preparation is in an ampoule, then saw it on the neck and tear the end. If the ampoule has a mark, then the saw is not needed. Insert the needle in the open ampoule and gather the liquid in the syringe.
Slightly knock the syringe with the finger, holding it needle up. Thanks to this the bubbles of air will be collected in the upper part of the syringe. Press them out with the excess of the accumulated preparation. The syringe is ready for the injection. While you are preparing the place for the injection, cover the needle with the preventive cover.

Take a comfortable position. If you are injecting in the hand or hip, the injection may be done sitting or standing, and in case the injection is made in buttock, it is advisable to lay on one side or stay before a mirror in order to see where you are inserting the needle. Take a new cotton swab and wet it up with alcohol. Wipe the place of injection.

Take the syringe to the right hand like a pen or a dart, after that enter the needle with 90 degrees angle with a decisive move. Now pull back a bit the plunger. If you observed blood, then you aimed a blood vessel. In this case take out the needle and try to make a shot once again. If there is no blood, then slowly inject entire liquid steroid inside the muscle. Remove the needle with a sudden move. Wet one more cotton swab in alcohol and slightly massage the place of the shot. This will lessen the blood flow and decrease the pain from injection.
The used syringe and needle should be obligatorily thrown to the dust bin.