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Andreas Munzer on

Munzer was always dreaming of Schwarzenegger’s fame (by the way, an Austrian) and highly appreciated his merits. But unfortunately, he didn’t rise higher than ninth place at “Mister Olympia” although, unconditionally, all the experts have the same opinion that his relief is unique. The judges understated his marks due to the clumsy techniques of demonstrating his body on the scene and this is an important factor. You should agree that this is an unbelievable relief, especially the legs. The muscular fibers themselves are covered with some texture like a relief fresco. Have you seen how stripped are his chest muscles and shoulder deltas? I haven’t seen this at any bodybuilder of the 21st centure.

Some biography:

Munzer was born on 25th of October in Austria, in an usual farmer family. He grew a hardworking boy, helped his parents at the farm, and played the trumpet during his free time in the local musical club. Andreas passionately loved sport, football in the summer and ski in the winter.

He faced bodybuilding by chance. He started to study to become a locksmith and was forced to wait the bus for two hours after the work. Simply to hang about and drink beer was boring for Andreas and he inscribed to the gym. Soon the training partners observed that the youth’s muscular mass was growing quickly and convinced him to take part in the competitions. The 2nd place among the juniors was a surprise even for Munzer. After this, the enthusiasm became a passion. In 1986, Andreas opens his own gym together with his friend, partly in order to provide the opportunity to totally go in trainings.

The demonstrations themselves didn’t fascinate the bodybuilder and this wasn’t his advantage. Unfortunately, many experts have the same opinion that he badly demonstrated his relief in full. In 1987 he is placed 3rd at the World Championship and a year later also winning bronze, he is observed by Albert Busek. When Busek placed the photo of Andreas on the cover of FLEX journal, the young sportsman told that this was more important than gold at the World Championship. Soon Busek offers Munzer the place of manager and trainer in the Munich sport center. Andreas accepted Munich as a springboard for the future carrier. It seemed for him that he is nearer and nearer to his ideal – Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1989 after winning “World Games”, Andreas got the status of professional of IFBB. On the way to his aim, Munzer starts to combine long exhausting muscle trainings (6-8 hours per day) with tough diets. 10 days prior to the competitions he limited the water consumption till 0,5 liter per day, eliminating the water from the organism.

The fat percentage in his body during the competitions was 4%. Many bodybuilding experts said that no sportsman had such relief as Munzer had. Andreas got the nickname “the man without skin” due to the minimal fat amount and really there appears the impression that the observer sees naked muscles.

Here is the description of the cycle he used before the competitions:

From 10 to 6 weeks before a championship:

2 shots Testoviron 250 mg
1 shot of Parabolan
30 tabs Halotestin
30 tabs Methandienone
20 IE Insulin

From 5 to 3 weeks:
3 shots Masteron
2 shots Parabolan
30 tabs Halotestin
50 tabs Strombafort
2 shots Strombaject
20 IE Insulin

From 2 to 1 week: