Accumulating weight, remember that you need muscles on

There appear more and more over-weighted people recently. However, there are people who want to “purchase” ten more kilograms to their mass. But the kilograms that are desired to be added differ from those which are wished to be lost. It is clear that the person tries to get rid of fat when losing weight and when accumulating weight he tries to do these exclusively due to the muscle mass. The fact is that people want not only to lose the weight quickly, but also accumulate the muscular mass quickly too.

Further we will study how to quickly get the desired muscles and correspondently how to quickly accumulate the mass.
Forced trainings in combination with the right nutrition are a way to success!

Remember that your aim is to accumulate muscular mass.

So, the instruction:

1. For not converting the food excess to excessive fat kilograms, you should increase the number of meals.

2. Sweets and very fat food is not an option.

3. Your ration will be ideal if it contains such products as fatty cottage cheese, fatty saltwater fish, nuts, cheese of solid kinds, semolina, dried fruits. These products contain a large amount of vitamins and useful substances.

4. The energy that you get from the calorie food you should spend during the trainings in the gym.

5. Your training should not be long-lasting. An hour of exercising will be enough. In the opposite case the intensity of the exercises will decrease. The muscle mass increases thanks to the muscle load and not the training duration.

6. The high training temper with the maximum intensity and big weight. Barbells and dumbbells are your choice.

7. The basic exercises with free weight will be useful. In order to work out the big group of muscles, you should lift the barbell from chest and over the head, squat with the barbell.

8. Important! The muscle volume increase takes place during their restoration. That’s why the rest during the training is obligatory. When you trained intensively you should have a full rest. At start three trainings per week will be enough.

9. In order for the organism to restore the energy it spent during the training, you should eat, for example, a sweet yogurt during the first half an hour after the training.

Otherwise, the protein needed for rehabilitation, the organism will take out of the muscle fibers and the body mass increase will be slower.
These simple rules will help you reach the desired result without any harm for the health.