FAQ Steroidchoice.com

Are your products original? How can I be convinced?
Our products come from original manufacturers and are very popular in the world. You can trust us when you buy them from us. Your purchased products may be checked with. Balkan Pharmaceuticals official website and you will be convinced that they are original. All of our steroids are legal since we are interested in providing our clients only with original products and have our place on the market. We will to have a trusted own business and thus we think about our clients. Buying one selected product will be the best choice to check the quality of the goods we sell
I want to purchase a product. How should I proceed?

In case you wish to place an order on balkanfarma.com the following steps should be followed:

Press Join button to register on steroidchoice.com
After that, enter your balkanfarma.com account
Monitor all the groups of products that are placed on balkanfarma.com

In case you met the necessary product, mark the item and press “Buy Now”

-Press “Continue Shopping” to purchase other products or choose “Check Out”

Read “Terms and Conditions” of balkanfarma.com, in case you accept them and press “Continue”

Complete the data about the shipment to the provided form.

Control if the data you entered is correct (in case you provide a wrong address, it is not our responsibility and we don’t reship in case the order is sent to a wrong address)

Press “Continue” and recheck the address that is used for shipping.

Congratulations! You placed your order. For the moment the order’s notice is “unpaid & pending”. If you are going to pay some later, don’t fill the section about payment and if you are going to pay this time, search for “payment instructions” and finalize this transaction.

If I placed the order – can I change it afterwards?

In case you want to change the details of your order prior to paying the cost, then you should follow next steps:
Enter your balkanfarma.com account

-Select order ID

Press “Edit order”

In case you wish to exclude one of the products but you have already paid for the order, then you should compose a ticket asking the client service to adjust the list of the products you need. Please also provide your order ID in your e-mail.

Do you have minimum order quantity?

There is no any minimum order quantity for our clients, they can order the amount they need and we will do our best to serve them.

Can I perform payment with my credit card?

If you desire to perform payment with your credit card, please get in touch our client support service by writing a ticket that describes the issue.