The stanozolol + propionate  course is most often used for those that don’t have the purpose of accumulating the muscular mass. This course is more suitable for drying (if antiaromatizing preparation is added (Provimed) or for rate. The course is made of 2 ampoules of testosterone propionate and 2 ampoules of stanozolol. Testosterone ampoule is of 10 ml, every ml contains 100 mg of active substance. Stanozolol ampoule has 10 ml and every ml includes 50 mg of active substance of stanozolol. For those who don’t know – winstrol is the injectable form of stanozolol. The injections should be better introduced every day – 50 mg of testosterone and 25 mg of winstrol. Some inject it every other day, but in this case gaps in hormonal background are formed (insignificant). Those who need longer course should take this course in amount of 2 and more.

Also the classical schedule of applying is stanozolol injections every day of 0,5 ml (half the cube) and every other day for testosterone propionate of 1 ml. For drying Provimed of 50 mg/day is used in order to exclude aromatization.


Winstrol – the active substance is stanozolol. Produced in injection form as suspension. It is very effective for drying and increasing the rate indicators. SP Stanoject represents winstrol that is produced by SP Laboratories. The preparation greatly depletes “joint capsule” and that’s why even on drying it is not recommended to use it without softening preparations like Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Sustamed. The standard dose is 50 mg per day. The course of winstrol for more than one month is dangerous to apply because of the same problem – the joints are going to have pains.

One flacon contains 10 ml. Every ml contains 50 mg of stanozolol.