Sooner or later (based on my experience and the people around me) almost every natural muscleman starts to have so-called steroid hunger which provokes to purchase or apply restricted drug. The desire to become a chemist is conditioned, as a rule, with the fact that the sportsman totally depleted his physical potential, i.e. the progress in strength/mass/speed/stamina has stopped. The oil to the all-consuming fire of drug greed is poured by other pharmacology consumers who always overcome their natural colleagues. In addition, today the availability and over-publicity of AAS has crossed all reasonable limits. Impatience, laziness, dementia and boyish young maximalism of under-supermen also play into the hands of the sellers and producers of pharmacological products. To say it shortly, all roads lead to Rome, in other words, the way to pharma-injection is easy and broad, seductive and devilishly attractive. Practically every sportsman comes to this with time, namely because of this it was a matter of pride and vanity to write this “manuscript”.

Joining Pharma dependent people is a conscious choice of each sportsman. It may be said that this is an existential choice, i.e. one of the most important decisions in life, on which the further existence and career of the athlete depends. In order to perform this choice, it is necessary to be ready morally, physically and, which is not less important, financially. You should be sure that you have a definite basis on which the pharmacological superstructure is going to be built.

The first course is the deal which cannot be cancelled. There will be no way back. Once you taste the forbidden fruit, it will be very hard to come back to the normal life. Steroids will give you many new possibilities, new perspectives will appear, you will experience the feeling that you opened the source of inexhaustible energy. During each workout you will experience the heady feeling of omnipotence. You will be able to consume and digest larger amount of nutrients. You will need much less time for sleep and restoration. Each time in the mirror you will see body metamorphosis. Your world view, mentality, way of life and motivation level will change completely. The food will become more delicious, girls (or boys) more beautiful, the iron lighter, the look more self-confident, the footstep harder, the voice deeper, the knock stronger, the back becomes hairier, the sky bluer and the grass greener. Generally saying, your ego will be in nirvana and El Dorado at the same time.

When you stop using the drugs everything will start destroying and turning back to the normal state. The bar will hate you and will press on your body with triple effort. You will look at your body in the mirror with disgust because the body will start turning back to normal human size. Your desire to eat every second, train and touch girls will be changed to apathy and powerlessness. You will be followed by lousy mood and aspiration to economize your strength; you will even talk without any wish. The organism will require more time for rest and will become weak and nervous. Don’t be surprised if you get ill after the course – this is normal. The interest to all that surrounds you will be purely specious. The part of pleasure that you get from life will decrease significantly. This is called after-course rollback and it is inevitable. The rollback may be compared to the situation when you use too big amounts of alcohol and woman body – crapulence and total lack of initiative. But this situation is reversible; the remedy for rollback is a new course (as soon as possible!!!). The new course brings relief and new stimuli with strength progress and meat accumulation. As soon as you cross the line that divides natural sports and medicamental lifestyle, your existence will close up to this cycle (course – rollback/pressing expectation for the next course – course and so on.). You will live during the course and will be slowly dying while you have your rest from steroids. But this situation won’t long forever. Eventually the courses themselves will become a burden. You will get tired of the permanent struggle with the kidneys and strict regime. Everyday injections and other procedures during the course will strain you. You will get sick of such way of life when all instincts and reactions are aggravated, wishes/requirements are cycled and glowed, you have so much strength and energy that you don’t know where to apply it and the entire life is workouts, nutrition and pharma injection. And you will impatiently wait for course end. Of course, I slightly exaggerate but this is necessary because if you don’t have similar imagery and hyperbole then it is not possible to explain to the traditional small-aged natural what a man’s life becomes when he once used AAS.

If everything is ok with those factors that can be a catalyst in deciding to become a chemist, then it is much more complex with the reasons to postpone signing the “contract with death”, as the practice shows… That is why it is necessary to dig some deeper and to understand a complex of reasons which should serve to reject applying the banned potion. Open your passport. Pay attention to your birth year. If you are of same age as Justin Bieber, then natural bodybuilding and creatin rubbing in to the gums will be the best choice. Now look at “sex” column. If you belong to female sex (not if you love female sex!!!) is a good reason to live a healthy life. Visit recruitment office and check yourself for presence of any serious illnesses (gonorrhea and mental retardation are serious illnesses!!!) and also have your weight checked and measure your height. So, if you are eligible for military service then it is an excellent reason not to join chemists and professional sportsmen. After that write a composition (in form of essay) and have it checked by your teacher and if he says that your composition has more mistakes than letters and spaces, then the way of pharmacological self-improvement is not your way.