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May 22, 2019
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Mar 01, 2019
Spring arrival days promo
Spring arrival days promo on Steroidchoice
Dec 12, 2018
Christmas 2018
Steroidchoice prepared GIFTS for CHRISTMAS to our dear customers.

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Jun 18, 2020
How to buy Bitcoin and pay the order
Here are the most important steps on how to pay bitcoins with your credit card
May 28, 2015
Doubtlessly squats with barbell on the shoulders is the best-known exercises to develop the entire body, to improve the health, increase the energy, improve the function of the inner organs and quickly grow the muscular mass.
May 25, 2015
For the development of the lower leg we have two main exercises: these are the rise on the toes standing and sitting. So, rise on the toes standing is accented for CALF MUSCLES (found outside). For such an exercise we need trainer. No press with barbell on shoulders or one dumbbell in the hand will interchange us the classic rise on the toes standing in the trainer.